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Re: Euromesh vs. Carbon Seats 2018/12/08 18:54:51 (permalink)
I want to go fast in comfort, but Kent's seat is not for me. Its great for him and about 40 others though.
Its meant for seat angle of about 10 degrees or less. My neck can only handle about 23ish degrees. The shape is wrong for me too. 
For me the best pad for a hard seat is the dual density pad from the Hostel Shoppe.
Consult them for the best choice of shape for your seat. 
Another option for the OP is a smaller seat, so the upper bend happens farther down between your shoulder blades. If it's comfortable for you it leaves the neck more vertical. 
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Re: Euromesh vs. Carbon Seats 2018/12/14 23:22:26 (permalink)
Barry Denney
I have a carbon Aero that I ride 4-5000 miles per year.  I am needing to replace the seat foam over the carbon seat.  It has always seemed too soft to me, causing a lot of bottoming out which leads to sore rear end.  What is the best thing to get that would give a firmer ride, the 3" pad, the 2" with cover or what?

I found a Ventisit pad much better than the Bacchetta foam pad. As you can guess from the name it ventilates well. I can move around on it, whereas the B pad tends to hold you in one place due to its aggressive surface, which also abrades clothes. Ventisits do not crush down, while the B pads do, as you have discovered.
Ventisits are very firm. They replicate the shape of the carbon seat on the surface you sit on. Thick B pads tend to obscure mismatches between your body and the unyielding carbon seat. A Ventisit will reveal mismatches. When I tried Bacchetta carbon seats in parking lot rides, the large seat with a B pad seemed acceptable, but once I put my Ventisit pad on it, it was clear the seat was too short. (I got an XL seat from Bent Up's Dana Lieberman). So while I think a Ventisit pad is the way to go, you risk discovering your seat is the wrong size. 
A sore rear is a sign you should be more reclined, with more weight on your back. You can try getting off the bike for a minute when the discomfort comes on. I've found that very effective when getting re-accustomed to my Gold Rush; after standing up for a minute I'm good for a couple of hours.
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Re: Euromesh vs. Carbon Seats 2018/12/16 10:15:09 (permalink)
I'm a Ventisit guy, too.  Except in the very cold weather.  The ventilation under me chills and freezes me.  Easy solution.  Just a big plastic garbage bag.  For the `blingsters' out there ... get a black garbage bag and use gorilla tape.  

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Re: Euromesh vs. Carbon Seats 2018/12/16 11:04:55 (permalink)
I too am a Ventisit owner.  In humid Houston, it is the ticket for riding in the summer.  And comfort is great for me - I have the right size seat.

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