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2013/04/09 16:04:49 (permalink)

Picture of X-eyed brakes?

I am reassembling my CA2 and I've come to the X-eyed brakes.  I usually stick close to the user's manual with mechanical things.  I `searched' the B tech list and find nothing with detailed pictures.  
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Re:Picture of X-eyed brakes? 2013/04/09 18:43:41 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby velo_h 2020/03/03 00:29:30
Here's a link that might help:
The link to the instructions does not work now.  If I could figure out how to insert a file, I would add a pdf of the instructions that I saved when I installed mine.  If not I will try a PM and see if I can attach a file.  You'd think Bacchetta could include some instructions.  I think Origin-8 made these Feather brakes, the Bacchetta barkes and their own Torq lite II Road brakes, but I could only find instructions from the link at the web page above about three years ago.  Maybe someone totally different made all of them?  The instructions from these guys are not very helpful either, but are better than nothing.
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Re:Picture of X-eyed brakes? 2013/04/10 12:35:37 (permalink)

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Re:Picture of X-eyed brakes? 2013/04/10 13:31:15 (permalink)
Great picture of the brake assembly, especially the routing of the brake cable housing. I recall that there were recent posts regarding the proper routing of the cable housing. My front brakes were a bit sluggish, and, sure enough, the housing was way our of alignment as it entered the brake arm. After attaching a Velcro strap on the cable to the frame, it assured that the the cable entering in perfect alignment with the arm, the power of the brake was significantly improved.
Good luck!

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Re:Picture of X-eyed brakes? 2013/04/25 19:16:19 (permalink)
Great thread.  My front brake has been a bit stiff and when I went out to ck it after reading this thread, I found the angle on the cable was messed up.  Thank you.

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Re:Picture of X-eyed brakes? 2020/03/03 00:31:38 (permalink)
Quite a long time ago... Nevertheless thanks a million for the link @Stradafied, helped a lot (just got a used CA 3.0) to fine-tune the brakes!
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