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2011/10/07 10:32:32 (permalink)

How to tighten a Bacchetta seat clamp

Below is how to tighten the newer generation clamp (four bolts on top side; two are inset).

1. Make sure your frame and the inside of the seat clamp have been properly cleaned so that there is no grease, etc. on frame.  I wipe down both the frame and inside of seat clamp with rubbing alcohol (70% is fine).  Do not use frame cleaners or anything which may contain lubricants or waxes.

2. Make sure bolt and QR threads have some (not too much) grease on them.

3. Assemble seat clamp on frame, but without the bolts or hardware.

4. Insert bottom QR, but only a few threads- Do Not Tighten Down QR! (yet)

5. Insert top inset bolts and tighten down firmly, with little to no gap between clamp halves.  I prefer no gap.

6. Now you can tighten down the QR at the bottom, firmly, and attach the seat.

For old style clamp-

Follow same instructions as above, only with the old clamping system, there are only two bolts at the top, not four.  With the old clamp system, you need to attach the seat, tighten down the top two bolts and then adjust the QR.

If you follow the above instructions, you shouldn't have any issues with seat slippage, unless something in your clamp assembly is broken.  The main thing is to clean your frame and clamp thoroughly and tighten down the top bolts first.  If you have to spray something or put a hose clamp on your frame, then sorry, you're probably doing something wrong or the clamp has been compromised.

I hope this helps and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us at info@bacchettabikes.com or toll free at 866-364-9677. 
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