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For Buyers and Sellers of Used Bacchetta Bikes

For Sellers:
1.) Have all the information gathered on your bike. This means model name, size, color, frame material of bike (steel, aluminum, titanium, carbon), modifications, et al. If you aren't for sure, refer to this forum for help or give us a call here at Bacchetta.
2.) Shipping info. You need to have the size of the boxes you'll be shipping the bike in and how much assembly will be need on the bike. This is one area where Bacchetta can be of no help to seller or buyer.

For Buyers:
1.) Don't be a sucker! I know, sounds harsh. But if someone cannot tell you the model name of their Bacchetta, size, when they bought it and so on and so forth, back away. There will always be another opportunity. A better opportunity.
2.) Frame size and your body. Folks, I've told at least a hundred people this over the years and I'll say it to you again: If the bike is not the right frame size, then it's not a great deal! Why? Because if it does not fit you correctly, then you will not like the bike. If you do not like the bike, then you will not ride the bike.
3.) Ask about modifications. This means everything: Components (cranks, wheels, shifters, derailluers, chain, etc.); Wheel size mods.; Paint color.
4.) Know what bike fits your riding needs. If you're doing loaded touring, then maybe a Corsa is not the best choice. Ditto if your hoping to set the world of endurance racing on fire with a stock Giro 20.

These are the basics. We're putting this up because we get a lot of phone calls about used bikes. Which is fine; we'll help whenever we can. Except, 99.9% of the time, these are conversations which should be had between the buyer and seller, because we don't know any of the extenuating circumstances as listed above. Buyer and seller of used Bacchetta's must come together before contacting Bacchetta. In other words, phone calls and emails like this will get our neck hairs up: "I didn't want to bother the guy who's selling the bike, so I thought I'd call Bacchetta" or "the person selling the bike said to call you guys at Bacchetta as they weren't sure of what they got."

Folks, do your homework. Sellers will sell their bike faster and move up to the next level of Bacchetta Xanadu and buyers will get the right bike for themselves without a lot of mental anguish.

And I'll throw this out there as well in a complete display of shameless promotion: Sometimes the cost of a new Bacchetta is worth it, by the time you count in shipping, assembly and replacing damaged parts. Not to mention knowing exactly what you're getting. And folks, none of us here at Bacchetta are living in gated communities. Buying new Bacchetta products keeps us in macaroni and Fruit of the Looms.

We'll add to this list as the questions pop up.

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