Helpful ReplyHot!Instructions/video on attaching a Euromesh seat to a CA2 with a seat plate (tailbone pain)

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2020/03/06 22:47:22 (permalink)

Instructions/video on attaching a Euromesh seat to a CA2 with a seat plate (tailbone pain)

After many years on a Euromesh seat on my Giro ATT 26 and then my Corsa,  I bought an used CA2 with some custom Carbon seat (its different than the one Bacchetta sells - don't know what brand it is).   Maybe it was just a coincidence,  but I developed a very sore tailbone after 2-3 months.   The tailbone is better now after some 3-4 months away from 
the bike but some sensitivity is still there when I ride on the Carbon seat.
I'm thinking of changing over to a Euromesh seat on my CA2 in the hope that the softer seat will be easier on the tailbone.   I actually already have the base Euromesh seat .  But I can't figure out what I need to do to
  1. Attach the Euromesh to the seat plate - Is there some bolting mechanism I need to buy to attach the Euromesh seat to the CA2 seat plate?  I don't see anything obvious on the website.  
  2. The seat stay assembly that I currently have for the custom Carbon seat do not work with the Euromesh seat.   
    • Can I just use this seat stay assembly  on the website for the Euromesh seat?

      The above part comes in 9", 11", 13" - I assume these affect the lowest recline angle with the 9" reclining more than the 13".   Can somebody tell me max recline angle for each size so I can figure out what I need
It would be great if somebody could  do one or all of these 
  • give me pointers on what I need in terms of specific parts I need to get.
  • post some closeups of their CA2 if they have Euromesh attached.
  • if there is some doc or video that provides instructions on how to switch seats to Euromesh on a CA2 with a seat plate,  that would be an awesome pointer to get.
I'd appreciate a fast response...  I've been unable to bike for some 3+ months and its starting to drive me nuts.   I want to try out the Euromesh soon
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Re: Instructions/video on attaching a Euromesh seat to a CA2 with a seat plate (tailbone p 2020/03/13 14:38:42 (permalink) ☄ Helpfulby tojesky 2020/03/14 14:59:52
Call Mike at Bacchetta and he’ll tell you what you need. I was one of the original people that attached a recurve seat to my Ti Aero. It just took a little modification. The Euromesh or B3 is designed as a direct fit.


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