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2019/10/20 10:01:04 (permalink)

Electronic Shifting & Disk Brakes &...

I want to get a CA 3. I'm looking at the options. I might even buy the frame set and selected parts from Bacchetta so I can install electronic Shifting.

Does anyone have electronic Shifting on a CA 3? If so, how is the performance?

Does anyone have anything to say about disk brakes?

Thank you!

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    Re: Electronic Shifting & Disk Brakes &... 2019/10/22 08:10:31 (permalink)
    I have a friend that has a CA2 and added an Xshifter. I’ll email him and ask him to post the info here. He’s very happy with it.


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    Re: Electronic Shifting & Disk Brakes &... 2019/10/24 16:48:43 (permalink)
    I built up my second CA2 with SRAM eTap in the spring of 2018. Had some initial problems with the rear derailleur but SRAM replaced it. After thousands of miles in the summer of 2018 it was working great. But sometime in August I developed pain in my right elbow. It kept getting worse and finally was diagnosed as tennis elbow in September. I also finally realized the pain was bad every time I got off my CA2. It turns out that all the shifting I was doing with my trigger finger, with arms mostly extended on the CA2, irritates the tendon that goes from my hand to elbow. By the time I realized this the pain was so bad I could barely brush my teeth. I started riding my backup CA2 with bar end shifters more often to reduce the tendon irritation. And also resting my right arm in my lap while riding as much as possible. Tennis elbow is nasty and it has taken most of a year to get rid of the pain.
    One other drawback to eTap is the long cage rear derailleur has no type 2/3 clutch to control chain bounce like the MTB derailleur. On our rough Michigan roads I have had the chain jump off the front chainring several times. That is never a problem with my other CA2 and the SRAM XO type 2 rear derailleur.
    A couple of other advantages with bar end shifting is
    1. knowing what gear you are in by the position of the shifters, and
    2. being able to rapidly shift a lot of gears, like when coming to a sudden stop.
    If I had to do it all over again I would probably go with bar end shifters and MTB type 2 or 3 rear derailleur like my backup CA2 has.
    But I do like the SRAM Red 50/34 crankset and would keep that.

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    Re: Electronic Shifting & Disk Brakes &... 2019/10/24 20:12:04 (permalink)
    Don ... Hoping the tennis elbow issue resolved.  Remarkable how our `parts' find a way to let us know they're connected.  Agreed.  Bar end shifters for me, too.
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    Re: Electronic Shifting & Disk Brakes &... 2019/10/28 18:56:51 (permalink)
    I have had Etap on rear derailleur and it has worked flawlessly. If you have a Garmin it will show what gear you in, a feature I really like. I kept from with bar end since I still have a triple.
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